Time Activity
8:00am Online Registration
8:50am Welcome speech & Keynote by Vice- Chancellor, NU
9:00am Speaker 1 (Engineering)
9:30am Speaker 2 (Science)
10:00am Short break
10:10am Oral presentation 1 (Presenter 1 – Presenter 7) x 2
Poster presentation 1
12:15pm Group photo & networking Lunch break
13:30pm Speaker 3 (Industry)
14:00pm Speaker 4 (Business)
14:30pm Short break
14:40pm Oral presentation 2 (Presenter 8 – Presenter 15) x 2
Poster Presentation 2
16:30pm Closing ceremony
Certificates giving (Best oral presenters; Best Poster: Gold)
17:00pm Group photo
End of Day-1



Time Activity
8:00am Online Registration
8:50am Welcome speech by moderator
9:00am Special Series by NU Vice Chancellor
9:30am Short break
9:45am Workshop 1: High-Quality Manuscript Writing Skills and Publication in High-Impact Journals
Facilitator: Prof. Dr. Sarani Zakaria
11:30am Q & A
12:00pm Group photo
Lunch break
13:30pm Workshop 2: Things to know about high-quality manuscript writing

Room 1: Engineering, Science, and Technology
Facilitator: Prof. Dr. Chia Chin-Hua

Room 2: Business, Social Science, Humanity & Art.
Facilitator: Prof. Dr. Norzaidi Hj Mohd Daud
15:00pm Short break
15:15pm Continue for the workshop 2
Discussion on manuscript samples
16:30pm Closing ceremony
Group photo
17:00pm The End